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Bare offers an attended cremation service, for those wanting a final goodbye.

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Hi there, we're Sam & Cale, lifelong friends and the founders of Bare. Together with our incredible team across the UK, our job is to make one of the hardest times in your life just that little bit easier.

We've had the privilege of serving many families across the UK.

Every day, families let us into their lives, sharing stories of their loved one, and entrusting us with their goodbye. Here are some of their stories.

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Our award-winning team come from all walks of life with a single, shared purpose - to make one of the hardest times in your life just a little bit easier.

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Frequently asked questions.

What's the difference between a Bare cremation and a traditional cremation?

A Bare cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral. A traditional cremation usually involves a ceremony, a viewing, and a funeral parlour. A Bare cremation doesn’t require any of that. Instead, we provide a simple, dignified, private cremation, allowing families to create a personal memorial service after the cremation occurs. Direct cremation is the fastest growing funeral trend in the UK. It’s more affordable than traditional options and, more importantly, it affords families the flexibility needed to arrange a highly personalised farewell.

Can people attend the cremation?

We offer attended or unattended cremation services.  With an attended cremation service, a small group of people is allowed to attend the cremation.

How can you be so inexpensive?

We have a different business model to traditional funeral homes. By offering a simple package that can be arranged online or over the phone, we don’t have the same high overheads. We don’t require expensive physical locations to provide a high-quality service, and we don’t hire salespeople. It’s important to note that we use the same crematoriums, mortuaries, and transfer vehicles as the most highly regarded funeral directors, so you know you’re getting exceptionally high quality service. The difference is that we don’t charge you for things you don’t need.

Is a memorial service included?

In our unattended cremation service, many of our families will hold a personalised memorial in the days or weeks after the cremation, and arrange it by themselves. For those that would like an arranger to help them with coordinating a memorial service, they can simply call us on 0808 258 3583 anytime to discuss.

We will know the time and date of the cremation?

We will keep you advised at all parts during the process. When we book the date of the cremation we shall advise you as you may want to pause in your day to remember your loved one.

What areas do you cover?

Bare operates across mainland UK including England, Wales, and Scotland. We don’t operate across islands or far North Highlands.

How do I know you’re reputable?

Bare and our partners are registered or licensed experts and pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Bare has been nominated for or won multiple prestigious service awards, and has been granted an ISO9001 certification for high quality. We have had the privilege of helping thousands of families in their time of need, and have an almost perfect track record for customer reviews.

I have seen and read how some funeral homes use shady tactics and don’t treat the deceased with care – how do I know you’re not the same?

We’ve seen those reports too, and have experienced those tactics first hand. It’s exactly why we started Bare. As our customer reviews show, we’ve committed our lives and our company to providing the highest level of care in the industry. Our team comes from all walks of life, drawn to the purpose of doing right by families going through an incredibly difficult period. It’s also important to note that we use the same crematoriums, mortuaries and transfer vehicles as “premium” funeral homes – we’re affordable simply because we don’t charge you for the things that you don’t need.

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