While funerals were once the most popular choice of the day, things are changing.

Today in the UK, more and more people are choosing cremations instead. And with cremations becoming increasingly popular, we’re seeing individuals finding their creativity with unique ash scattering ideas that allow them to remember their loved ones in a way that suits them.

The urn on the mantle is out, and it’s time to start scattering far and wide. When it’s time to kick the bucket, people are now looking for non-traditional scattering ashes ideas.

Saying farewell doesn’t have to be a boring or sad affair. The more popular these imaginative goodbyes become, the easier it is to find something that allows you to celebrate their life in the best way.

So what are some urn alternatives for those who want to send their loved ones off in style?

  1. Keep them close to home

For some, there’s nothing quite like home. If you know someone who treasured their home or loved pottering about the garden, why make them leave?

You can bury or scatter their ashes in the garden, for instance, under a favourite tree. This way, they get to remain in the place they loved the most. And other family members still living on the property get to be close for as long as they choose. 

  1. Let them go to their favourite place

If they had a spot they loved, somewhere they would be whenever they could, why not let them rest there?

It could be somewhere they enjoyed walking, a beautiful picnic spot, or even the grounds of their football club. Wherever it is, you could lay their ashes to rest so they can spend the rest of eternity in their special place. 

Bear in mind that rules can vary greatly across the UK, particularly for areas like football clubs and other sports venues. Contact your local club directly to check these rules and find out if this is an option for you.

  1. Scatter them in the ocean

Since ash scattering has been around, people have been returning their beloved to the waves. The ocean is a beautiful place, and whether they adored the beach, boating, or anything else sea-related, it is an undoubtedly amazing place to rest.

Plus unlike burials at sea, ash scattering requires no special licenses or permits. And most beaches are accessible to the public, so you don’t need to worry about getting any particular permissions for your trip.

  1. Let them grow as a tree

Green and woodland burials use biodegradable urns to help grow a tree from the ashes. This is an ideal option for anyone who wanted to remain close to nature or had a real passion for saving the environment.

With this idea, ashes give way to new life and provide beauty and fresh oxygen years after somebody has passed.

  1. Thriving underwater 

Similar to the idea of growing a tree from a person’s ashes, there are now coral reefs that incorporate ashes.

By mixing their ashes into artificial reefs, interred on the seabed as ‘Solace Stones’, projects like Solace Reef build a lasting and living tribute for your loved one.

It's ideal for anyone who lived near the water or simply enjoyed being around it.

  1. Take them travelling

Perhaps they were big on travelling in life, or maybe there was somewhere special they always wanted to go and didn’t get to before passing away. Taking their ashes travelling to see the things they loved and dreamed of can be a great way to give them a fitting farewell, and time on the road can give you a chance to grieve and relive good memories.

We’re leaving behind the days of treating death and grief as taboo and opening up about our feelings on the subject.

  1. Fire ash fireworks

Who says ash scattering has to be quiet or peaceful? If someone truly was the life of the party, what could be better than sending them on with a spark and a bang?

For instance, the company Heavenly Stars Fireworks can incorporate your loved one's ashes into fireworks in several ways. They also offer to assist in planning a spectacular fireworks show so that you can say a happier farewell to the person you cared for.

  1. Create a vinyl record

While vinyl records may be a relic of the past for some, music lovers across the globe still adore them.

And now, some companies are offering to press ashes into a custom-made vinyl record. You can have your loved one combined with their favourite song and keep it for all the family to enjoy for years to come.

  1. Jewellery 

Memorial jewellery has become an increasingly popular option for those that don’t want to ever have to part from their beloved. It’s a beautiful way to keep someone always close to your heart. You can even choose to pass pieces on to other family or friends in the future if you choose.

There are plenty of options should this tickle your fancy. You can get pendants, bracelets, or rings. You can even get lockets filled with ashes. Most of these require very small amounts of ash, so the whole family or friend group could each get something special made should they desire it.

You can also now choose to have someone’s ashes pressed into a diamond to keep them sparkling forever.

  1. Scattering from a plane

There are two main options for scattering ashes from a plane. 

Either you can send your loved one’s ashes up in a vintage aircraft that has special permission to scatter from way up high. For instance, Fly a Spitfire is one UK company that offers this unique service.

Or, if they loved to live life on the edge, you can choose to take a skydive and let their ashes fly far and wide as you fall. Your Wings is one company that offers this service in selected areas in Britain.

  1. Tattoo

One of the latest and most unique options we have seen is to have ashes mixed with ink for a memorial tattoo. 

While commemorative tattoos have been popular for some time now, it is only recently that select studios have started to combine ink and ashes for a tattoo that keeps your loved one in your skin.

  1. Send them to space

If none of these felt quite wild enough for you, fear not because there’s an even more out of this world option for you.

Companies like Ascension Flights are offering to send ashes up into space using specially made biodegradable balloons. These are launched and designed to burst once they reach 10,000 feet, where they will scatter the ashes far and wide.

Unique send-offs 

No two people are exactly the same in life, so why should their farewell be? 

You can have the freedom and flexibility to do things your way. You don’t have to do things just like everyone else if you don’t want to, and should you choose, you can turn the scattering of your loved one’s ashes into a celebration of everything they loved and what made them special.

Personal, non-traditional, and inexpensive adieus are possible. Bare Memorials can help connect you with the highest-rated UK celebrants for the support you need. Whether you need an extra hand with planning or want someone else to ensure things run smoothly, you can count on our celebrants to make your unique service extra special.

Concerned about money?

You don’t have to worry if you can’t afford a traditional funeral or cremation. There are alternatives for funding and support and increasingly affordable direct cremation services that provide the chance to give your loved ones the send-off they deserve. 

If you choose a cremation, you can find plenty of scattering possibilities that allow you to give them the best goodbye without having to spend a fortune. You can find a unique and affordable option to scatter someone’s ashes in a way they would adore.

With Bare direct cremations, you don’t need to have the usual pomp and ceremony of traditional funeral services if you don’t want it. You can go however you choose and include only what is important to you.