The passing of a loved one is often a sad and stressful time. There is a lot to do and much to think about, and not enough time to do everything you want.

When you choose to have a memorial service after a cremation rather than before, you’ll be able to create something truly unique. 

It can help to have time to process feelings of grief, time to plan, and time to save money for a memorial service that your loved one would want and their family and friends can enjoy.

Memorial services are an amazing opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special. There are plenty of options out there, so you don’t have to do the same things as everyone else and can create a truly exceptional and individual farewell service.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to memorial services. They can be simple and peaceful or wild and whacky. Often, they reflect the personality and way of living of the person they remember, so as long as you plan with them in mind, you’ll have a beautiful service. 

Let’s look at some one of a kind memorial service ideas.


It is traditional for those closest to the deceased to speak at the memorial service. Some share memories, a religious reading, a poem, or even a song. You can choose whatever performance you believe best reflects your loved one.


Most people decorate the location where they are holding the memorial service. Decorations are a simple way to personalise an event. For example, you could choose to use their favourite flowers to brighten things up. 

Others display quotes from books, movies, or songs they adored. Pictures are also a popular choice and allow guests to look back at some of their loved one’s best moments and memories.

You can even use candles to create a beautiful atmosphere. Scented candles are a great way to reminisce. For instance, pine-scented candles for someone who was always hiking and outdoors.

Have everyone bring something 

If you want to involve all guests and make the celebration that bit bigger, you can always ask guests to bring a favourite photo or memento. These can be displayed and stories shared.

Create a playlist

Music is a large part of many people’s lives, so it’s no surprise that many memorial services include a music selection that an individual loved. You can create a playlist of someone’s favourite songs or artists. These sounds are sure to bring back fond memories for those close to the person who passed.

Make a movie

Why not create a slideshow using photos or combine short video clips to celebrate the various moments of someone’s life.

Memory book

Memorial books have become increasingly popular as a way to personalise and eternalise someone. You can create a book with or without photos, even letting people bring and paste their own into the book.

Most people have guests write messages, memories, or prayers into these books. By the end of the service, the book is an amalgamation of the love held by many for one.

Incorporate social media

For the more tech-savvy, a social media memorial may be appropriate. Some create hashtags on platforms like Instagram and have people join the hashtag to share photos and messages in memory of someone special.

Involve their favourite foods

If you plan to have food at your memorial service, why not choose food that brings back the best memories.

Was the person famous for their chocolate cake, or did they make the best mini quiches? Why not serve their speciality? You can even organise something that allows guests to cook a certain dish together or ask people to bring something in memory of the person you are celebrating.

Send guests home with a memento

If you have the time, you could consider creating little keepsakes that guests can take home when the service ends. For instance, a pin with a photo of your loved one or an image of their favourite place. 

If they were an artist, you could even involve one of their own artworks in these mementoes.

Stone stations

Choose smooth stones and let each guest write a special message or sign their name.

You could even build a cairn. Stacking the stones takes time and patience and can be an amazing way to honour the person who has passed.

Memory trees or gardens

Planting seeds for a tree or other plants may be the perfect way to eternalise the memory of an avid gardener or outdoor enthusiast.

Plus, if you plant these in a memorial garden or on private property, you can return and visit whenever you like.


Biodegradable balloons, lanterns, or even doves, the choice is yours. Releasing something into the sky can be a beautiful way to let go and say farewell.

Viking send-off

Want to add a little more spark to your memorial service? Why not hold a Viking send-off? You don’t have to set fire to a large boat. A miniature one can hold the same significance.

This could be the perfect way to see off somebody who was a warrior in life. Whether they were a veteran, battled illness, or simply loved the sea, a Viking send-off is a brilliant way to go.


A firework display is a great way to send someone off with a bang. Get everyone who loved them together and turn a sad farewell into a beautiful celebration of life.

Memory capsule

Having people put small items into a capsule is ideal for those who want to continue remembering. You can choose to re-open the capsule after 1, 5, or even 10 years have passed and can host another gathering where those closest to the person get to reminisce once more.

Some items that work well include photos, perfume or cologne, or a poem, but you can choose whatever works best for the person you are remembering.

Host a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts can make a memorial service a little more fun and lively. You can choose items that a person loved and hide them around a favourite location. 

A treasure hunt is a little different and let’s loved ones to work together in a unique farewell event.

Name a star 

Perhaps your loved one adored space? If so, then naming a star after them is a fantastic way to ensure their memory and love of outer space go down in history.

Where should a memorial service be held?

One of the great things about memorial services is that they don’t have to be hosted in any particular location.

Many people choose a location that was important to their loved one. This might be a favourite park, holiday spot, place of worship, or even their local pub. You get to choose a location that you know they would have loved. 

Farewells your way

Every memorial service is unique because of the individual it celebrates. The service itself is for those we have lost and the people who want to remember them, so celebrate however you wish.  

If you have a particular memorial you want, end of life planning is an excellent idea. It will allow you to have a say in what kind of cremation and memorial service you get. It also allows you to plan ahead financially so that your family has one less thing to worry about in the event of your passing.

Bare cremations

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Our celebrants can help you and your family organise a wonderfully unique memorial service that your loved one would have adored.

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